Danger Room #211: A Man Without a Past!

Longshot 3 Longshot 2 Longshot 1Longshot #1-3, Alpha Flight #26, Captain Britain #9, Dazzler #39, Defenders #147, and Secret Wars II #3 from September 1985 to November 1985.

Titles include “A Man Without a Past”, “…I’ll Wave to You From the Top!”, “Just Let Me Die”, “If At First You Don’t Succeed…”, “Winds of Change”, “…and Games!”, “Deathgrip”, and “This World is Mine!”

Featured are Dazzler, Longshot, Ricochet Rita, Spiral, Kingpin, Molecule Man, Volcana, Jarvis, and the Beyonder.

Theme Music:
Lazlo Hollyfeld – Buffaloallamericacity

Early Spiral Ricochet Rita and Longshot Hitch! Spineless Beings

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